Why Veterans Make the Right Candidate for the Job

According to the most recent census report, there are 18.2 million veterans in the United States. These ex-servicemen and women have since been re-integrated into the community after serving various missions. The next time you consider filling up a position in your company or business you should consider hiring a veteran.

The general assumption is that this is a patriotic act that aims at rewarding these individuals for their sacrifice. Far from it, this is a business strategy that will earn you dividend soon enough. American veterans are not your ordinary employees.

Hiring veterans doesn’t only make good employees, it makes for a great business with some of the best values instilled in our vets. The following reasons underscore the reason hiring veterans is a plus for you.

1. Veterans Make Honest Employees

Honesty is not only a virtue among veterans. In fact, it is a way of life. One of the basic lessons that all veterans learn during tour duty is the need to remain true to self. Miscreants get the matching order without a second chance.

Most veterans have admirable levels of honesty, which is an added advantage for any potential employer. Hiring vets will ensure that the policy of honesty becomes a culture in your business setting. Military veterans tend to value straight talk, which can help your business grow due to honest feedback.

2. Veterans Offer Versatility

You must have been through the hiring process enough times already. But getting the right candidates to fit into your dynamic business context seems to be a challenge. Hiring vets will help you deal with this concern.

Most veteran hire programs admit that versatility is a major strength among veterans. They will tend to adapt into your business culture fast enough. Such an ability to adapt to challenging workplace situations is a major plus for your business.

3. Vets Are Accustomed to Systems and Structures

Most businesses struggle with this issue. Power distance can be a real concern in the course of managing employees. You must have had instances where you keep reminding your staff who is the boss.

This is a key reason why you need to hire veterans. All vets get accustomed to the existence of structures and systems. They are aware that all systems operate within a specified configuration.

4. Discipline

The other common reference to the military is the discipline forces. Veterans are among the most disciplined employees you will ever find. Their entire serving period is often based on building their self-restraint and self-control.

You will rarely summon a veteran on disciplinary grounds. If you are struggling with the question, why hire a veteran, then this is a critical basis to consider. Most human resource managers admit that veterans are the most disciplined people you can ever interact with.

5. Veterans Are the Epitome of Teamwork

All through the training and servicing process, veterans learn that their individual survival depends on the survival of the team. This knowledge enshrines in them a high level of commitment towards teamwork.

Therefore, if you have been wondering how to instill a team culture in your company. Hiring vets is your answer.

Veterans consider individual glory as destructive, an aspect that will help in suppressing internal squabbles among the employees. You will tend to have a greater extent of collaboration when working with military veterans.

6. Veterans Are Good Planners

One of the main roles of management is planning. Nevertheless, you will appreciate that planning can be a cumbersome and in most cases, an engaging process. Veterans are trained to have a methodical path towards achieving a specific outcome.

Hiring a veteran in your business will guarantee you systematic handling of plans and projects based on the result-oriented model. A veteran is more concerned about the process than the outcome. They will tend to take time on planning because they believe in purpose-driven processes.

7. Veterans Work Well Under Pressure

Forget the many resumes that use this catchy phrase to entice the employer. Vets are the true definition of endurance under pressure. Imagine working in extreme conditions under a ruthless commander who rarely gives positive commendations.

Now imagine having such resilient individuals in your company. Regardless of the pressure in your business, these veterans can easily soak up and continue giving the best in their respective capacities. Hiring veterans will ensure that the pressure in your work setting is under control even when the environment is toxic.

8. Veterans Are a true Definition of Loyalty

Most organizations are keen on achieving customer loyalty as a business strategy. Developing an employee-centric setting is equally important. But the problem is that employees are rarely loyal because their loyalty relies on the benefits they derive from the company.

If you are tired of employees who will jump ship when the grass is greener on the other side, then you need to consider hiring vets. Veterans serve based on loyalty and this trait tends to live on past their period of service. If you need to instill a culture of loyalty in your firm, hiring veterans will get you there.

9. Unparalleled Work Ethics

Human resource managers often complain about the struggle they have when dealing with novices. Issues as basic as time management or absenteeism seem trivial but are common even within multinational companies. If you need a sure bet in terms of work ethics you need to consider the contribution of veterans.

You will rarely deal with cases of harassment when working with veterans. Vets have a broader view of gender-equality given that they serve in equal capacities with servicewomen. These aspects make American veterans have a high level of work ethics.

At JDP, we are able to recruit and place vets who are able to live up to the stipulated standards and are seeking to fill up various positions in business, manufacturing, and leadership.

Veterans Make Good Employees

It is common to imagine that hiring a veteran is being patriotic on the contrary it’s being smart. You will gain unsolicited benefits from hiring veterans that are uncommon among your ordinary employees.

Contrary to popular opinion, not all veterans have mental concerns. In fact, they tend to experience mental stress due to the reintegration challenges they face. As an employer, hiring vets will be the best decision you will make, as far as managing talent is concerned.

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