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Why Use a Recruitment Agency for Specialized Job Candidates?

Research shows that, on average, 118 job candidates apply for every available position.

If you’re looking to fill a time-sensitive, specialized role within your organization, do you have the time, bandwidth, and skills to sort through that many applicants? When you need the best, you need to go straight to the source.

A recruitment agency has the experience and background necessary to help you find the exact talent you’re looking for. Today, we’re sharing the top reasons why it’s smart to bring one on board.

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1. Niche Industry Knowledge

Are you at the helm of a company that has a highly technical or niche focus? If so, does your hiring team know the unique skills and qualifications that all employees must have before they can join your team?

Unless they know the right questions to ask and the answers to expect, there’s a chance you could bring someone on board who isn’t qualified to fill the role.

A recruitment agency will have staff members on hand who are well-versed in the industries they represent. For instance, our teams have deep experience in filling roles for the following sectors:

  • Supply Chain
  • Manufacturing
  • Sales
  • Engineering

That means whether you’re looking to hire an ERP integration manager, product engineer, start-up developer, or any other specific role within these industries, we have you covered.

We know how to conduct interviews around these niches and ensure that prospective hires possess the right tools and talents for success.

2. Access to Top Talent

When you team with a recruitment agency, you not only have access to their hiring capabilities. You can also tap into their wide network of qualified candidates.

Top-tier agencies will have a platform that allows qualified candidates to browse and apply for available positions (including yours). Then, they’ll go to work sorting through the applications and finding only those that meet your immediate or long-term needs.

At our agency, we apply an integrity-focused recruiting process to identify top talent and match it with leading organizations around the world.

Are you still relying on internet job boards to bring the right people to your team? Studies show that 85% of jobs are filled via networking instead. As this approach eclipses old-fashioned online tactics, companies that rely on generic job postings will fall behind.

A recruitment agency can take care of the networking for you. We’ll call upon our vast database of skilled talent to find the specialized employees your organization needs.

3. Less Time Spent Searching

The reality is that narrowing a pool of applicants down to the select few that fit the bill is more difficult than it looks.

It takes time, energy, money and resources to complete this process, along with heaps of patience and people skills. This is especially the case when you’re trying to fill a specialized role. You’ll need to direct even more bandwidth toward this endeavor, which can take time away from other mission-critical responsibilities.

When you trust a recruitment agency to take the reigns, you free your HR team and department leads up to focus on their tasks at hand. In addition, you’ll gain efficiencies in myriad areas, including the following:

Eliminate Resume Research

Recruiters have to scan resumes for certain language that meets role-specific requirements. For instance, your company might need a software developer with SCRUM experience or a plant manager who has worked with specialty chemicals in a batch process facility.

It can be exhausting to read every resume line-by-line to find that verbiage. A recruitment agency has the software to replace manual searching and can get the job done quicker.

Create More Successful Matches

If you’re unaware of what a specific role requires, there’s a chance you could bring someone on board who is unfit to fill it. This can lead to both operational and financial challenges.

The U.S. Department of Labor estimates that the average cost for each bad hire is around 30% of that individual’s annual earnings. That means if you hire the wrong distribution manager with a salary of $75,000, you’ll really end up paying around $97,500.

A recruitment agency can help you avoid this costly mistake by matching your organization with the right people, from the very beginning.

Access Higher-Quality Candidates

Your hiring team doesn’t have time to sort through mountains of applications that are inapplicable to the job opening. Rather than dozens of unqualified candidates, imagine how much more efficient the process would be if you received a concise list of exact matches, instead?

This is what you’ll get when you partner with professional recruiters. This means less time spinning your wheels and digging through paperwork, and more time getting the job done.

4. A More Personal Approach

Some recruitment agencies are so massive they can’t afford to take a personal approach to every hire. As a result, they can only offer generic emails, automated phone calls, and faceless contact.

This isn’t the case when you team with an agency that specializes in filling niche roles.

Our team takes the time to understand your business from the inside out before we even begin the hiring process. Then, we’ll take a personal and direct approach to the recruitment process, helping you locate and place candidates that will help your organization thrive.

That’s because an agency like ours will realize that the best, longest-lasting connections derive from strong relationships. This enables us to take a big-picture approach to every recruit. Along with technical qualifications and hard skills, we’ll also take into account each candidate’s personality, talents, and goals to make sure they align with yours.

You can’t get that level of personalization with a job board, social media post or any other form of impersonal outreach.

5. Fill Short-Term Roles

Sometimes, you aren’t looking for someone who will work for your company for decades and eventually retire there. You need to fill an immediate, short-term role that requires a high level of specialized expertise.

When this is the case, your time is even more urgent and it’s critical to find the exact talent you need. You might require this role to complete a project deliverable or meet an urgent deadline that’s quick on your heels.

With a pipeline full of qualified candidates, we can help you meet this timeline and fill these roles as soon as possible. This, in turn, helps you maintain professional partnerships and satisfy important customers who rely on your organization.

6. Professional Accountability

A recruitment agency’s reputation hinges on client satisfaction. We are invested in creating strong matches and will work diligently to ensure a successful outcome for your organization.

This means lines of communication are always open and a true partnership forms. As a business leader, you’re able to share exactly what you’re looking for and we’ll help you meet that need, no matter how specialized it is. In addition, we follow an ongoing continuous improvement process, looking for any opportunity to refine and laser-focus the scope of your requirements to provide a successful match.

While your HR team undoubtedly has the same outlook, it can be difficult to juggle the demands of the role with other priorities. This is the only activity we do, and we’re dedicated to doing it better than anyone else in our sphere.

7. Secure Business Investments

We understand how much time and money go into your specialized business investments. Take your supply chain process, for instance.

You’ve poured hundreds of thousands of dollars into developing and fine-tuning this process. You can’t afford to hire anyone but the best to help operate it. That’s where we come in.

We have years of experience working within the supply chain industry and our network in this niche is vast. This affords us quick access to mid-level and top-level candidates that are uniquely qualified to fill your opening.

With a deep knowledge of this sector, our search consultants can call upon their logistics experience to understand your company’s needs, as well as each candidate’s abilities.

Find and Hire the Specialized Job Candidates You Need

Are you tired of spending hours scrolling through resumes? Are you growing frustrated as your job board listing continues to fade into the background?

We’d love to help alleviate this burden and help you find the right person for the job. With niche experience in the manufacturing, sales, engineering, and supply chain sector, we have access to the job candidates you need to succeed.

Contact us today to partner and connect. We’ll help you get the job done, one hire at a time.

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