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Recruiter Manufacturing Akron, Ohio

Do you need help hiring for a critical Manufacturing position in the Akron, Ohio area?

We can help you locate talented Manufacturing Professionals in Leadership positions in this unprecedented and complex Manufacturing environment.

Have you found it harder to locate, qualify, and attract top talent to your Manufacturing, Engineering, or Construction Company?

If you need help using the latest and greatest techniques to qualify and recruit Manufacturing leaders and problem-solvers in the Akron, Ohio area to your company, let JDP Search Group assist you and save you time money and effort.

Please do not waste another minute of your time-

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Manufacturing Recruiter Dayton, Ohio

Having over 20 years of recruiting experience through multiple downturns has required a special set of skills to attract people in a very trying time.

Miguel Lopez

Privately Held Manufacturing Company Human Resources Director

Miguel was a client of John’s

“Tenacity, integrity and charisma are only but a few of the attributes that I can use to describe John. He helped me tremendously with continuous communications, emails, voice mails and always following up on candidates. Even today he asks me about the employees he helped placed here several years ago. John services never stop. He is a true professional with unparalleled interpersonal skills.”

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How to get started with a Manufacturing Recruiter in Dayton

Step 1: Let’s talk about your goals:

First things first. We’ll discuss your hiring goals and challenges. Understanding what you want to accomplish helps us customize your search process for your unique needs. Already have a search in mind that you need help with immediately? Great! We will set up a time to discuss your needs and concerns regarding this search and see where we can complement your current efforts to save you time, money, and effort going forward. This first conversation is also a great time to ask any additional questions you have about the process. No question is a bad question. Ask away.

great engineers

Step 2: Set a Date

We’ll get things off the ground by securing a spot on our calendar. Once we set the time to speak, we will walk your through the exact process we use on EVERY search- we have found recruiters that skip simple steps usually end up doing sloppy work and we have a reputation for getting repeat business, so we will get it right the first time by spending some extra time to ensure that you are 110% certain that we know exactly what we are going to go out and recruit for these critical positions that you bring to our attention.

Step 3: Walk through process together;

  1. Pain points: Why is the position open and why has it been so hard to fill?
  2. What have you done to this point?
  3. We explain 2 steps we use with every Company we recruit for and every candidate that we present to our clients. We have found that the extra time spent on these steps has allowed us to show the candidate talent pool that your company has some excellent points to attract top talent and information you provide us Helps us Recruit the EXACT type of candidate that we not only attract to your company but also see them exceed expectations much of the time.



FAQ’s about Manufacturing Recruiters in Akron

  1. Why would we choose JDP Search Group to perform our Search? With 20 years of experience, we have been students of the game of recruiting in the NE Ohio market as well as across the country. To be this well respected, we need to be sharpening our saw all the time and learning the latest and greatest methods to give us an advantage over our competition.
  2. Is this investment worth our time and money? With the ability to provide guarantees to ensure you are comfortable with our process, we make sure that this makes sense for all parties involved before we begin the search process.
  3. How expensive are you? I like to say “If I could charge more, I would” but we have the flexibility to make your investment in line with expectations, but you will see the caliber of talent that we bring to you will more than put any and all of your fears to rest.
  4. What is your experience finding people that we cannot find through our own efforts? Short of giving away our secrets, we can assure you that we take a few additional steps and have no issues asking very tough questions to locate the cream of the crop for your search.
  5. How soon can we work together? We can start as soon as you contact us.

The Top Manufacturing Recruiter in Akron


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