Poor retention? 4 main reasons employees leave your company


What is the retention rate at your company? Do you have one or several positions that seems to be a revolving door?

Have you noticed many of your employees are seeing their doctor and dentist and counselor much more frequently after the Labor Day Holiday?

Many of them might be legit excuses but I would suspect that many of the people who work for you right now are starting to dust off their resumes and heading out to interview with OTHER companies or meeting with recruiters. Why would they do that at this time?

Here is an article that might give you some ideas on HOW to keep your employees with your company http://www.forbes.com/sites/alanhall/2013/03/11/im-outta-here-why-2-million-americans-quit-every-month-and-5-steps-to-turn-the-epidemic-around/

It sounds very hard to fathom that 2 million workers QUIT every month to find a better opportunity.

Looking at the reasons that Accenture has come up with it makes a ton of sense.

A recent study by Accenture reports:

  1. They don’t like their boss (31%),
  2. A lack of empowerment (31%),
  3. Internal politics (35%) and
  4. Lack of recognition (43%).

Number 1 reason I get from candidates that contact me is they do not like their boss as well. Other reasons include working too many hours to keep up with an understaffed department that STILL has not added people from the 2008-2010 recession.

Not being given a raise or a promotion that has been promised for a month, a few months or even more than a year.

What are you doing to keep your employees happy and engaged? Do you fear that you will have a revolving door in your department once people start looking to move to another company?

I think this article is spot on. You need to sit down with your people and ask them their thoughts on the current employment status. Go back and review how you explained the job to them when you interviewed them and eventually hired them. Is there a gap between what was described/promised and what actually took place? Is this beneficial to the company or employee or both?

Have you empowered your employee to take ownership of a project or task and let them see how they can run with the ball?

What about internal politics? It appears to be everywhere so have you been nullifying its negative effects on your staff? Easiest way to do that is open communication; ask your people what they are hearing and how they feel about it.

You will be surprised at how much that satisfies their feeling of importance.

When was the last time you recognized your better employees? I have heard too many times from the people who send me their resumes that their boss takes credit for much of the work that they do. Sounds like a person lacking confidence.

These are 5 good points. if you are not in agreement with these 5 or think these are insignificant I would not be surprised to see you looking to fill an opening very soon in your organization.