How to Pass an Interview: 10 Unusual Tips

How to Pass an Interview: 10 Unusual Tips

How to Pass an Interview: 10 Unusual Tips

Today’s job market is fast-moving, and it’s hectic. In a world where you may not even be acknowledged for applying to a position, how do you learn how to pass an interview?

Sure, it takes a little finessing, but landing your job isn’t rocket science.

Eager to learn how to pass and jumpstart your career? Read on to find out!

How to pass an interview: 10 tips

In today’s job market, sometimes we can take all the help we can get. Here are 10 tips guaranteed to help you learn how to pass an interview.

Pick the right day

You may not think that days and times help all that much while figuring out how to pass an interview, but they may matter more than you think.

According to Glassdoor, a site containing information about different companies, certain days and times of day are better suited for interviews than others. This translates into different aspects of the workday as well.

For instance, a prime time to give a presentation is about 10:30 AM on a Tuesday morning? Who knew, right?

Presentations and interviews have a few similarities, so that may not be a bad time to schedule your interview.

Regardless, it’s a good idea to make sure your interview isn’t too late or too early that day. Mondays and Fridays are prime warm-up and cool-down days, so you might want to avoid those as well.

Additionally, anytime around lunch, before or after, is a no-go. Employers may be in a hurry to get to other meetings, meaning you won’t have their full attention.

Prepare your pitch

You might be under the impression that pitches are only for Hollywood bigwigs and people trying to get projects made. Wrong!

An elevator pitch, or a 15-to-30-second summation of your skills and what you can bring to the table, is a necessary skill to have in your arsenal.

Also, you should be able to fire it off at a moment’s notice – hopefully tailored for the job you’re interviewing for.

It’s important to include a few different conversation baits there because it gives your interviewer the chance to pick the conversation topic.

It works as an icebreaker, and it also shows confidence and a solid sense of direction.

Social media deep clean

Take an honest look at your Facebook right now. Does it depict you to the best of your professional potential?

If you’re like most of the civilization, you probably don’t intend to use your social media as a resume, unless it’s specifically geared for that purpose.

However, that doesn’t mean that employers don’t do a little Facebook stalking of their own. Or Twitter stalking, or Tumblr stalking, or stalking any form of social media that you can easily be found on.

Regardless of whether or not you deem what’s on your social media “bad enough,” before even interviewing for a position, review your postings and scrub off anything that could tarnish your reputation to an employer.

It may seem foolish and arbitrary, but it’s an easy method of how to pass an interview that has nothing to do with the interview itself.

Stand out!

How to pass an interview? Look good!

It doesn’t seem like much of a logical jump in thought: you should be judged on your professional merit, not your looks.

However, looks matter. More importantly, they matter because of the way they make us feel.

We’re w when we look good, so make sure you look sharp. If your clothes are unique, even better!

This is more for the interview’s benefit than helping you look super fashionable in the office. If you wear something eye-catching and unique, you’ll stick out in your interviewer’s mind better.

That doesn’t mean you should go all out, but some interesting accessories, a makeup flair, or a bright blazer can make all the difference!

Tell stories

One of the worst things you can do is lay out your accomplishments for your interviewer.

It might seem like the obvious thing to do. You want your interviewer to know what you’re capable of, right?

Still, they’ve got all the information you’re telling them right in front of them on your resume – possibly verbatim.

An in-person interview is a fantastic chance to work your charisma and turn those bullet points into compelling stories.

Appeal to their emotions and stick out in their memory as a viable candidate.

Check your body language

Before you have your interview, doing some research into body language may be a crucial key when it comes to learning how to pass an interview.

No matter what your words may be saying, your body could be communicating something entirely different.

Before you go into an interview, take a peek at some different body language, such as how to convey knowledge and confidence.

Make them laugh

A great method of how to pass an interview.

It helps your interviewers relate to you, and can help lower the tension in the room. This has the added benefit of potentially boosting your confidence!

Above all, make sure your joke is clean, appropriate, and that it packs a good punch.

Ask a question

At the end of your interview, your interviewer will give you the chance to ask any nagging questions you have.

There are probably a couple of things that spring to mind – and if not, you should probably start figuring out some.

Leaving the interviewer hanging after they give you the floor gives them the impression that you don’t care about the job.

If you really want to impress them, ask if there’s anything that perhaps gave them doubts regarding your fit for the position.

This shows that you’re a go-getter. Not only are you open to criticism, you seek it out.

Talk to former employees

If you want to learn the inner workings or companies and how to pass an interview for them, you want to have intel.

If you have connections with a former employee, don’t be afraid to talk to them at some point in the process.

If you do it before, it’s possible they can put in a good reference for you, depending what their former position in the company was!

Make a thank you video!

In today’s job market, it’s important to be as innovative as possible. Obviously, you want your interviewers to remember you.

Don’t hesitate to use emerging technology at any point in the process.

A great way to take advantage of this is to make a thank you video and send it to your contact’s email address.

While cards are typically traditional, there’s no reason to stick with them! A video proves that you’re tech savvy, and it also proves that you care enough about the company to produce one.


If you’re searching for a job, you know how treacherous that jungle can be. Just because you’ve scored an interview doesn’t mean you’ll get the job – or even hear anything back from your potential employer.

While you can’t control your interviewer’s schedule or mindset, you can control how you present yourself.

Keep these tips in mind before your next interview, and we can guarantee you’ll nail it.

Do you still have questions regarding passing your interview? We’re happy to help!